A Lip Tattoo: Should You Get Ink On Your Lips?

Want to have long-lasting and kissable lips? 

Well now you can with a semi- permanent  lip tattoo!

We all love to look beautiful within ourselves or in front of other people!   We try to make the best efforts to feel confident within ourselves and to look as glamorous as we can – which is why a lot of people want to make small upgrades or enhancements to their look. Whether it’s from hair or makeup, nails, eyebrows, lashes and yes some cosmetic surgery, whatever boosts confidence we have become a nation obsessed with our appearance.  And why not enhance what you already have!  Why not feel good about yourself!  That’s why here at CMP Cosmetic Tattoo & Microblading Mackay we provide Cosmetic tattooing services for our clients.  Look good, and feel your very best with the lip tattooing services we provide.

At CMP Cosmetic Tattoo & Microblading in Mackay, we have an amazing lip tattoo service so you can have the most amazing lips you could ever imagine!  Offering a high-quality and professional service so you can get those kissable lips!   

Why Consider Getting Ink on Your Lips?

Some people consider getting a lip tattoo because it defines the shape of their lips. Lip tattoo procedures are done to give your lips a fuller appearance and make them look more attractive.  Sun damage, creams, illness and aging are contributing factors to the loss of your definitive lip lines and colour.  And there are some that  are just born with slim lips and want a more profound lip pout!  Lip tattoos are a great alternative to having injectables.   With a lip tattoo your lips tend to look more natural whilst generally you can tell if lips have had cosmetic injectables.   Not only are your lips defined but you have a semi-permanent lip colour day and night, whether you’re eating or drinking, no more smudges or reapplications!   Just pop on some gloss and away you go!

Is the Lip tattoo Process Painful?

There is generally small discomfort, as with any tattoo when having cosmetic lips tattoos.  Anesthetic cream is applied using a specialised method and you should experience minimal pain during the process.  CMP Cosmetic Tattoo & Microblading have their own numbing cream made at a compound pharmacy that you can pick up before your treatment. Whilst our lips are sensitive the pain after the procedure varies depending on the individual, but our lips do heal with limited possibilities of infection provided you adhere to the aftercare advice..  At CMP Cosmetic Tattoo & Microblading we try to ensure that our clients experience minimal pain throughout their session and walk away with gorgeous lips!

What to expect when you book a lip tattoo session:

  1. Consultation where your needs will be addressed and colour selection made
  2. An anesthetic is applied to your lips prior to the procedure so you will only feel slight discomfort during the process 
  3. The actual lip tattoo is a precise technique where you lips will be outlined providing shape and is also a corrective application
  4. Lip shading follows where your selected a colour is shaded onto your lips
  5. Aftercare discussion about your lip care and what to avoid for 3-7 days including swimming, sun and creams and/products.  Drinking through a straw is highly recommended and preferably refraining from smoking would be beneficial to the healing of your lips
  6. Perfecting visit will be required 6 weeks after your initial procedure 
  7. The healing process might take 10 to 14 days but, what’s a little discomfort in exchange for fuller-looking and gorgeous lips, right?

Get Those Long Lasting & Fuller Looking Lips

If you feel like making your lips look more fuller, why not try our lip tattoo service at CMP Cosmetic Tattoo & Microblading. We provide the best lip tattoo services in Mackay where you can choose between two of our lip tattooing services, whether you choose the full tattoo lip or give yourself a lip blush tattoo, the choice is yours, depending on what you feel like having!  Lip tattoos can be applied to either the top or bottom lips or both!  

So, what’s the difference between the two services? The lip blush technique  enhances the natural colour of your lips by filling in the whole lip, making them look softer and quite natural,  whilst making your lips look tempting! Whilst the full lip tattoo technique enhances the fullness of your lips by the placement of a darker pigment around the outline of your lip and this can also correct imperfect lip line and scarring.   This technique will shape your lips and also give the appearance of fuller lips.. You can have that amazing pout without having the ‘duck lip’ look. 

Crystal from CMP Cosmetic Tattoo & Microblading is dedicated and passionate about giving her clients the best outcomes they can ever imagine.  As a trained professional she will talk you through the process so you are comfortable, particularly if you’re a first-timer!     As a  professional in cosmetic tattooing Crystal knows how to  make your lips look more attractive!

Considering getting ink on your lips?  You can have the best looking lips in town with the help of Lip Tattooing services in Mackay.At CMP Cosmetic Tattoo & Microblading, we provide the best lip tattooing services at an affordable price with impeccable results!  With our state-of-the-art techniques, you can enhance your natural beauty and be that confident and radiant you.  So what are you waiting for, make a booking by contacting us today! We also offer other services like eyebrow tattoo mackay, cosmetic lip tattooing mackay and eyeliner tattoo mackay.

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